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My dA Family


Sister ::iconchibichibiwoofwoof::iconcarlie-nuclearzombie::icontabbyorchiddew:

Damphr Sister ::iconxxdarknessshadowxx:

Random Sister ::iconncond3:

Brothers :

Brothely Werewolf :iconlizardman22:

Brother :iconhalofan569:


brofist Cousin ::iconsilver-lover24:

Super-Awesome Cousin ::iconhatsunekun:

My Fave Friends (not in order) They all showed me trust, respect and kindness

:iconraikunai: I know her in real life ^^ she's a very kind person. She was away from HK for 3 years but when she came back we became sudden friends again ^^

:iconhatsunekun: she was my friend since 2011 probably when I first joined dA (also has really amazing art)

:iconcarlie-nuclearzombie: i met her after i adopted a dragon from her,she can draw sexy arts and amazing monsters. She also showed me that I can trust her no matter what

:iconlizardman22: his really kind and is talented. He shows no matter what we're still friends(we stopped talking for a few months but became friends again)

:iconchibichibiwoofwoof: we became close at late 2011, she draws cute art and sweet and kind. She cares a lot (my closest friend)

:iconsilver-lover24: She has amazing art, I think I met her because of a small request. Once again she is an amazing friend

:iconncond3: i also found her because of a request, me and her kept on chatting ever since. But now we stopped cause we don't talk that much anymore, but no matter what I will always want to talk to her again

:iconsarruka: well, this gurl made me like Yaoi xD anyways she was also one of my friends which I haven't talked to for so long, but once again became so close again , she draws humans alot (Yaoi) and their amazing ^^

:iconzaameen: she has amazing arts, almost all of them are lineless, we both turned friends really quick. I just told her how much her art is amazing and after that we keep on chatting ^^

:iconkajitanii:/:iconproasha: we became friends in the weirdest way possible ^^ I commented on Used meme, they said they hated SonicXSally so I commented "why don't you like sonally" than :iconproasha: replied to me bad things about Sally than we both argued about it. After a few hours of arguing we forgave each other and became close. Very strange eh? She used to draw sonic art but no she's gonna stop cause she likes drawing ponies more which is fine ^^ as long as she's happy with what she's drawing than go ahead ^^

:iconfluffiikoala: She is just so kind a Sweet! U Gotta see her art its amazing!!!

:icongenyxj:She is just soo kind! And Sweet! If Your a Sonamy fan then you better watch her ^^ She loves sonamy and she is a great artist!

:iconactionice--vickycell: She is an amazing friend! When we first chat she was so kind and now she has been drawing tons of art for me! I swear, sooner or later I will draw something for you! ^^

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Unfortunately, I don't want to continue it anymore. But before you ask anything or comment anything please read further.

I am not continuing the comic because I have lost all the excitement of writing and drawing it. Though I did enjoy reading this I'm sorry to say that I am not going to continue the story. Heck. Since I was so unorganized with it while I was reading it again I noticed that the cover of the first chapter
SOTME Chapter 1 by Jc-the-penguin
Was far from what I want the first chapter to be. Because I changed the script of this story from last year because I didn't like it. And yes. I know I could just change the cover but I'd feel like the effort on the original wasn't worth it.

And the fact that I keep changing the style of the comic/story makes it feel like that it'd be annoying to the people reading. Even though it doesn't, it does for me. What do I mean? Example
SOTME Chapter 1 Page 003 by Jc-the-penguin This style to this SOTME Chapter 1 Page 009 by Jc-the-penguin Then to this SOTME Chapter 1 Page 010 by Jc-the-penguin Then back to this SOTME Chapter 1 Page 011 by Jc-the-penguin then to literature style SOTME Chapter 1 part 2"Hello Ben." A familiar voice was heard. Ben's eyes widen as he quickly turns his head seeing his old enemy. "What are you doing here Tertrex?" Ben growled. Tertrex was an unknown creature just like Mortrex. His horns were in the same place as Mortrex but his fur was black and they had different hair styles. It seemed as he was carrying a small bag "Are you upset about my little brother Mortrex loosing his arm? You're still as caring just like you were before." Tetrex gave out a small chuckle, "Why the hell are you here?..."
Ben continued growling as he kept his eyes on Tertrex. "I'm here to visit an old friend," Tertrex said as he wrapped his arms around Ben's shoulders. Ben glared at Tertrex as he pushed Tertrex off of him. "Don't touch me! Tell me what the hell did you do to your brother!! Why did you cut his arm off?!" Tertrex rolled his eyes. "For your information, I did not do anything to my brother. His arm came off after getting attacked, or ambushed."
 Flames walked out o
 then finally to this SOTME Chapter 1 Page 013 by Jc-the-penguin I really dislike how it goes off changing like that.

Sooo...Will Secrets Of The Mystic Eye really be cancelled? Like it won't continue anymore? And the answer is yes. I know. I feel like an ass or douche for doing so.

BUT. There's a catch. Though I will not be continuing this story. I will be making another story. I will be using the same characters as the main characters.

Ben, Brownie and Flames. I will still be using them, but I will be changing their designs a bit and change the their clothing style a bit.

The story is going to have a different plot to it. It's not going to be about searching for an object. It's going to be about something else. I will not say anything about it. But the main villian...Actually, it's going to be a surprise :D

I am going to be more organized in the story, that means. I will be scripting the chapters first, then after that, I will be making drafts for the comic, then finally, making the real page. Each page is going to be colored with shadings and highlights.

Sooo...When will the story be coming out? Well the cover will be out once I am either close to finishing my latest story or just finishing it entirely. Lurking Evil

So be prepared, I am excited for this new story in mind. And I promise, you will not be disappointed :D

Also, mentioning some peeps who may want to read this

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