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Jc Lemur. Real one Jannah
Artist | Student | Other
Hong Kong
Name : Jc Recal
Age : 14
personalities ; Cheerful and idk


Jannah's[Me] Info

Name ; Jannah
Age ; ....Idk my own age
Personality ; Kind,Lazy,Loves Being noisy in class,Annoying[sometimes],THE HUMANITY OF RAIINBOWS

Fave Band ;Simple plan [i have lost interest of 1 direction]
Fave Song ; Your not alone[btr] Jet lag[Simple plan]
Fave Show ; My little Pony and Victorious and Big time rush


My dA Family


Sister ::iconchibichibiwoofwoof::iconcarlie-nuclearzombie::icontabbyorchiddew:

Damphr Sister ::iconxxdarknessshadowxx:

Random Sister ::iconncond3:

Brothers :

Brothely Werewolf :iconlizardman22:

Brother :iconhalofan569:


brofist Cousin ::iconsilver-lover24:

Super-Awesome Cousin ::iconhatsunekun:

My Fave Friends (not in order) They all showed me trust, respect and kindness

:iconraikunai: I know her in real life ^^ she's a very kind person. She was away from HK for 3 years but when she came back we became sudden friends again ^^

:iconhatsunekun: she was my friend since 2011 probably when I first joined dA (also has really amazing art)

:iconcarlie-nuclearzombie: i met her after i adopted a dragon from her,she can draw sexy arts and amazing monsters. She also showed me that I can trust her no matter what

:iconlizardman22: his really kind and is talented. He shows no matter what we're still friends(we stopped talking for a few months but became friends again)

:iconchibichibiwoofwoof: we became close at late 2011, she draws cute art and sweet and kind. She cares a lot (my closest friend)

:iconsilver-lover24: She has amazing art, I think I met her because of a small request. Once again she is an amazing friend

:iconncond3: i also found her because of a request, me and her kept on chatting ever since. But now we stopped cause we don't talk that much anymore, but no matter what I will always want to talk to her again

:iconsarruka: well, this gurl made me like Yaoi xD anyways she was also one of my friends which I haven't talked to for so long, but once again became so close again , she draws humans alot (Yaoi) and their amazing ^^

:iconzaameen: she has amazing arts, almost all of them are lineless, we both turned friends really quick. I just told her how much her art is amazing and after that we keep on chatting ^^

:iconkajitanii:/:iconproasha: we became friends in the weirdest way possible ^^ I commented on Used meme, they said they hated SonicXSally so I commented "why don't you like sonally" than :iconproasha: replied to me bad things about Sally than we both argued about it. After a few hours of arguing we forgave each other and became close. Very strange eh? She used to draw sonic art but no she's gonna stop cause she likes drawing ponies more which is fine ^^ as long as she's happy with what she's drawing than go ahead ^^

:iconxxkill-the-machinexx: She is just so kind a Sweet! U Gotta see her art its amazing!!!

:icongenyxj:She is just soo kind! And Sweet! If Your a Sonamy fan then you better watch her ^^ She loves sonamy and she is a great artist!

Fave Artist (not in order)




















Protected by Werewolves stamp by purgatoriStop Eating the Stamps by EmeraldTokyoStamp: I Love Stamps by FantasyStockAvatarsstamps are for... by ba6ooyCat Lover Stamps - Sparkyard by stamps-clubSeven Deadly Stamps: Sloth by VoltairaI Hate Fast Moving Stamps by plotfuli fave too many stamps... by karru-the-dragonSalute to Free Stamps... Stamp by Madninja2500I Heart Ghosts Stamp by bizarrostampsI Like Waffles. Stamp by bizarrostampsFox stamp by AuroriePotty Trained Stamp by bizarrostampsagree to disagree stamp by SanguineJusticestamp by alwaslgirlwolf stamp by war-armorI Support...My Friends - Stamp by Zookyanime stamp by darkyivy
Stole from :iconnightshade-warrior:

[ ]= You have blue/green eyes. 
[ ] = You blush a lot.
[ ] = You giggle.
[x] = You're quiet. 
[x] = You say random silly things
[ ] = You have a baby face.
[x] = You wear a more down to earth style of clothing.
[x] = You don't wear halter tops or anything to showy.
[x] = Your under 5 feet 6 inches tall. (They don't call me the short snow white for nothing XD )



[ ] = Just thinking of sexual things makes you blush. (I think its normal XD)
[ ] = Your idea of a date is really romantic. (Me not interested :3)
[x] = You sleep with a stuffed animal.(Why do u thing I have more than 10 stuff toys in mah room)
[x] = You like to cuddle. (with my toys yes)
[x] = You've never played the Nervous game. (I dunno so no? XD)
[x] = You don't even know what the nervous game is. 


[x] = You like the color pink/light blue. (its fine ^^;)
[ ] = You tend to wear bright/girly colors. (Nah, I love wearing dark colours )


[ ] = You can be ignorant/oblivious.
[x] = You'd consider yourself shy. 
[x] = You like happy upbeat music.(especially volcaloid)
[] = You like "Cutesy" music. 


What YOU think is cute:
[x] = You like small animals.
[x] = You like babies a lot.
[ ] = Small/mini versions of things make you go "Awww <3". (I do that a lot XDD)


[x] = You know when somebody lies. (only my friend.)
[x] = You had to use a calculator to know the present on this meme (curse you math >.<)
[ ] = One of your friends told you to make this.
[ ] = You just realized this was made for girls. (Guys can be kawaii too XD)

TOTAL so far: 16

Multiply how many you got by 4.
Repost as: "I'm __% Cute".'

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Thank you for the fav
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your Webcam! XD
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